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CSA stands for  Community Supported Agriculture. It’s a way for people in the community to partner with their local farmers so that they can bring their produce directly from their farm to your table—hence the saying “farm to table!”


In a typical CSA, consumers will buy a share of the season’s harvest in advance. During the harvest season members will receive a box of produce every week filled with a variety of fruits and veggies from the garden. Some farms fill boxes with produce exclusively from their farm, while others supplement with items from other nearby farms or other, more distant sources, to provide more variety. The produce is either delivered to consumers' doors or picked up at a pickup location once a week.


What's In the Box?

Yellowbird's CSA boxes are filled with fresh veggies and some fruit (when in season) from April through November. Our produce is exclusively from our garden! This means that you may receive a box with about the same variety of produce for several weeks in a row because that's what's in season. In our culture, we are used to having a wide variety of produce any time in the year. However, what we gain in variety we lose in quality. Consuming produce that is in season guarantees that you'll be eating it at its best--in health benefits and flavor! Not only that, since all our veggies are produced right in our own back yard, they can be harvested the day before or even the day of pick up. Now that's fresh!

Since this will be our first year growing on this scale,  and due to unpredictable weather and other factors, please be aware that our boxes may vary week to week in the available variety and quantity of produce. This is a journey we are taking together, and we appreciate your confidence in us! While the weight of the boxes may vary, we will always strive to bring you the very best!

Where and When Do I Pick Up My Box?

Each Saturday during the growing season (May 15 - December 4), customers will pick up their basket at a specific location. Customers in Dallas and south of Dallas will pick up at the farm. Customers north of Dallas will pick up in Denton (location TBD). If unable to pick up at the regular time, customers must notify us by email by the Wednesday before in order to reschedule. Any no-shows on pickup day will be donated.

Share Sizes


A Half Share is a full produce box picked up every other week, and is ideal for individuals or couples. In 2021 we will offer boxes for 30 weeks, which means customers would receive 15 boxes in total.

A Whole Share is a full produce box picked up every week, totaling 30 boxes. These are ideal for families of 3-6.

Double Share is two full produce boxes picked up every week, totaling 60 boxes. These are great for large families.

Payment Options

Yearly. One yearly installment enables the farmer to buy equipment, seeds, and supplies for production ahead of time. Boxes are also discounted to $20 each with this option.

Quarterly. Three quarterly installments serve the same purpose, but allow for smaller, more spread out payments. Customers who choose this option will receive a reminder email to sign up through our Share Sign Up page each three months (Spring, Summer, and Fall). Boxes are discounted to about $23.50 each with this option.

Monthly. Monthly installments are made each month during the growing season.

Here is a breakdown of our options:
Note: There are only 3 quarterly payments because we won't offer produce from December through April in 2021.

           Calculations are based on a 30 week season.

           Boxes come out to about $25 each.

           Quarterly and yearly payments are discounted.

Is Membership Required?

Customers are welcome to buy produce at the farm, by appointment, any time during the growing season (May 15 - December 4), even without registering! One-time boxes are priced at $35 each.

Sign Me Up!

Are you ready to up your veggie game? Head to our CSA Sign Up page to register for our 2021 CSA!

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