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We are passionate about bringing delicious healthy food to our community straight from our garden. Once you try local, fresh produce grown in healthy abundant soil, you'll never want to go back!

Let us tell you a bit about our farm...




Yellowbird Farm was established in 2020, but has been many years in the making. We are a small-scale suburban farm located on one acre just south of Dallas, TX in the city of Desoto. We are passionate about food and farming! We strive to always use organic, sustainable, and regenerative methods to grow vegetables, herbs, and fruit for our surrounding community.


My name is Laura Markum. I grew up in the suburbs of North Texas and decided I wanted to be a farmer around age 5. In 2012 I moved with my husband Daniel to a plot of land and began to learn about gardening and keeping livestock, and about the state of the food industry in the US. Living on that few acres of land reawakened my desire to farm and to be connected to the land.  Finally in 2019 we moved with our 4 children to Desoto where Yellowbird Farm was born.




Our goal is to provide delicious, good quality produce to our community, free of pesticides and other chemicals, which can negatively affect the health of consumers. We make it our aim to use sustainable and regenerative agricultural practices, integrating modern organic techniques with permaculture, to bring health and life to the soil, as well as our customers. Through responsible farming, we want to contribute to a healthier and happier world.


Since childhood I have had a love for nature and a desire to work hard. What better place to put those two things together than on a farm? As I have learned about the state of our food industry, coupled with health and environmental concerns, I have become aware of the need for change in our agricultural systems. One way we see that happening is through intensive farming in the middle of cities. This not only brings fresh, healthy food closer to the consumer, but it also makes farming more accessible for up and coming farmers. In addition to a love of the land and desire to be a force for positive change in our food system, I just plain love food! There really is nothing like tasting a vegetable, herb, or piece of fruit straight from the ground. 

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